Our Mission

to bring you the rich and aromatic flavours of India, we present Dilli Haat. Driven with our passion for cooking and serving only the best dishes, using locally sourced ingredients where possible.

We are here to tickle your taste buds with authentic mouth-watering food that truly reflects the traditional flavours of India…. We welcome you to experience the journey of love for delicious homecooked Indian food


A selection of Vegetarian Starters can be made Vegan, ask your waiter

Platter for two


Special Dishes

Biryani Dishes

serve with Curry Sauce or Raita

Traditional Curries

Veg £12.00, Paneer £13.00, Chicken £14.00 Lamb…£16.00, Prawns £14.00, Duck £17.00, King Prawns £18.99, Salmon £18.00

Curries can be made vegan, ask your waiter

Side Dishes

Vegetarian side dishes can be made Vegan, ask your waiter
As Main Order £8.00 or Side Dish £5.00




South Indian

Utthapam Thick Cooked Rice Pancake

Dosas Thin, Crispy Crepe or Pancake